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promise to start to include pictures and variety descriptions as we move forward.

Yellow Transparent - One of the earliest apples of summer, ripening around July 4th here in Maryland. Traditionally
associated with the Amish in the eastern US, this apple originated in Russia and then arrived via England in the Mid
1800s. Greenish white flesh is crisp and tart. A good apple for freezing, drying, juice, sauce and fresh eating for those who
like a tart apple. The apple is small to medium with a yellow to green yellow skin. Not a good keeper, so don't plan on
keeping it in storage for more than a week. When the apple starts to go soft, you need to use it quickly.

Pristine - A disease resistant  early season apple with Yellow Transparent as a parent. This apple is supposed to have the
good flavor and cooking characteristics of Transparent, but is supposed to be a better keeper. Planted in 2013, we will let
you know when apples become available.

Ginger Gold - A Golden Delicious type apple from a seedling found in Virginia. This large apple has greenish yellow skin,
smooth flesh and a very pleasant taste. Great desert apple that can do double duty for applesauce as well. Ripens in early

Summer Rambo - An heirloom apple of French origin described as early as 1535 and grown in Colonial America starting in
1767. This is an early summer green apple of nice size. Tart in flavor if picked early and a very good cooking and saucing
apple. If left on the tree longer this apple develops a red blush on one side and a higher sugar content for sweeter eating.

Gala - One of the standards of modern desert apples. We are particular fond of apples such as Gala that can claim Cox's
Orange Pippin in their heritage. A good balance of flavor in an attractive package make this a perennial favorite. We have 4
different strains to help spread the season out.

Honey Crisp -

Royal Cortland -

Smokehouse - An heirloom apple from the early 1800s in Pennsylvania. When picked in September, this apple is a large,
green skinned, firm fleshed apple with a mildly tart taste. Great for baking and saucing. If left on the tree until October,
Smokehouse develops a nice red blush and sweetens into a very nice desert apple.

Grimes Golden - First discovered in 1804 in Virginia, folk lore has always associated this apple with John Chapman, better
known as Johnny Appleseed. A medium to large apple, greenish yellow in color that may often develop some degree of
russetting. Flesh is crisp, high in sugar with a spicy flavor. Good for fresh eating and cooking. One of our favorites for
Apple Butter.

Baldwin -

Rubinette -

Ida Red -

Spencerville Red
Pink Pearl
Cox's Orange Pippin
Ashmead's Kernel
Esopus Spitzenberg
Gold Rush
Arkansas Black
Albemarle Pippin
Wickson's Crab