Farmers' Markets have opened in Middletown
and Urbana and we are currently selling from the
We are currently picking Organic Radishes

Also from our farm Organically fed, Pastured,
non-GMO/Hormone/Anti-Biotic Eggs

Apple Butter

From our friends at Hollabaugh we are offering


Apple Sauce

Canned Peaches
You are always welcome to come see us either at the markets or give us a call
and stop by the farm! We can be reached at 240-405-4939 or 240-405-4820. We
are sometimes out working in the fields and can't get to the phone as quickly as
we would like, so if you don't get us, please leave a message and we will get
back to you as quickly as possible!

NEW SATURDAY HOURS, 11 - 2 at the farm!