What is Community Funded Agriculture?

Since we moved to Middletown and started Blue Faerie Farm, we have watched the focus of
our lives shift continuously closer to our local communities. We keep up with local
happenings, get to know more and more of our neighbors, take part in local events and
participate in our communities' economy, and doing as much business as possible with
small, independently owned businesses. We feel strongly that independent, family run
farms are a vital part of the community both as a resource and as an economic entity. After
all, what could be more fundamental to a sense of community than the breaking of bread
and sharing of food? What better place for that food to come from than a trusted,
responsible, local farm that is a member of that community?

What we propose is akin to social funding mechanisms such as Kickstarter or Go Fund Me
and harkens back to the concept of community pulling together to investing in important
resources (for the dramatic example, think of the Building and Loan from
It's a Wonderful
). In this case, we are offering the opportunity to invest in your local farm and help us
supply a wider variety of clean, wholesome foods back to our friends and neighbors!

Our Project

As you may have noticed through our website and facebook page, we have added chickens
to our farm. We aren't just trying to have a few chickens so we can offer something else at
farmers' markets, we are trying to develop a flock of sufficient size to significantly help
control pests in our orchard, provide a dependable supply of "clean" - meaning arsenic and
chemical free - chicken fertilizer, and to have an appreciable impact in our farm's
economic sustainability. While we have gotten a start, we would really like to see this
project get up and run as opposed to slowly creep along. Toward this end, we are asking for
your help gentle reader, to help us grow and be a better farm for you!

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