Pomme Fruit!

We are pleased to offer a Pomme Fruit CSA. 2014 will be our inaugural year for this CSA
offering. There are two different options for this CSA:

  • Apples only

Share will consist of 1/2 peck bag of apples. This is approximately 5 pounds of apples and is
comparable to the bags of apples commonly found in the grocery store. Apple varieties will
vary each week.

  • Apples Plus

Share will consist of 1/2 peck of apples PLUS a quart of either pears, heirloom apples or
organic apples.

Both options will consist of 10 shares during the course of the season and will be
dependent on currently available varieties.

We are offering multiple pick up locations for shares this year. Scheduled pick ups include:

  •        Thursday from 4 - 7 PM at the Middletown Farmers' Market
  •        Saturday from 10 - 1 PM at our farm
  •        Sunday from 11 - 2 PM at the Urbana Library Farmers' Market
  •        New this year Thursday (and possibly Tuesday) at the Valley Coop for Coop members

We can consider additional pickup options for groups or for emergency situations. We are also
happy to let customer skip a week as necessary during the season and receive an additional share
at a later date.

The 2 options will be priced as follows:

  • Apples Only share - $75
  • Apples Plus share - $110

We anticipate the first shares being available in late July or early August. We will notify participants
ahead of time for the first pickup. If you are interested, please fill out the
CSA Subscription Form or
contact us by email at
rjwickline@bluefaeriefarm.com to reserve your spot! We are hoping to have a
credit card payment option soon.