Moma J
What would a farm be without
a tractor? After much debate
over new versus vintage,
brands and everything else
that we could debate, we
ended up with a John Deere
790. This ended up being the
right size to work in the apple
orchard and still have the
chutzpah to get what we
needed to done. It ended up
being a decision that we have
been very happy with!
Ever have one of those
decisions that seemed to make
sense at the time, but as soon
as you meet it face to face you
feel foolish? We had someone
express an interest in
purchasing zucchini from us in
fairly large quantities. This
bed has nearly 600 row feet of
zucchini in it now along with
another 200 row feet of
summer squash and 250 row
feet of fall squash. It nearly
had an additional 200 row feet
of zucchini as well, but at
some point better judgment
kicked in, and we figured we
had done enough. HOPE
someone out there really likes
Here is Jan out on the
Cub Cadet doubling as
an input spreader
working in the same
zucchini patch earlier
in the year. This
picture is taken looking
back the other way
toward the apple
This is a new crop for us this year. This is
an heirloom romaine lettuce variety,
Freckles. We found out later that this is
an Ark of Taste variety, be we honestly
didn't pay any attention to that when we
were selecting seed over the winter. The
dark spots are supposed to be there! We
just had to take this picture of something
with so few weeds!
Below are the earliest of this year's
potatoes. We put in All-Blues before Saint
Patrick's Day to try the old folk wisdom
that potatoes planted before then will do
very well. The wisdom also seemed to think
that we should have had a covering of snow
at least once after planting, but all we had
this year was rain.