A Late Night Walk in the Orchard

OK, I have to tell a bit of a story here. It is about 9:30 and I just got back in from outside. It was time to take dear Angus for his evening constitutional and we noticed a couple of deer out in the vegetable field. I decided to let Angus go on patrol and see if we could discourage the unwelcomed visitors. One of the little guys took a long run up into the orchard so Angus and I headed up there for a walk through to spread some big dog scent and try to discourage them. Needless to say by the time we got to the top of the orchard there was nary a deer to be seen.

On the way back I decided to take us down the row that the Fulford Galas were on as they had been showing some nice color for about a week. On a whim I decided to pick one and bring it in to see how they were doing. We got it in and gave it a good look and were pleased to see that it had a beautiful finish with no blemishes. When we cut it open the seeds were nice and dark in color indicating it was getting nice and ripe. The final test was the taste test. Please excuse my net slang but, OMG! That was a fantastic apple.

The bad news is that we have less than a bushel hanging on those trees this season. They did set lots and lots of fruit this spring, but most of it was lost to the late freezes we had at the farm. Hopefully we will have better weather next spring in conjunction with one year older trees and have a nice harvest and be able to bring some of these apples to market.  In the mean time we do have good news, the Gala season has started with our friends at Hollabaugh Bros and we will have great Galas available at market this week.

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