More bee news

Things are moving forward on the bee front. This weekend I finished building a roof for the first hive. After much debate I put together a peaked A-line roof of a very standard sort. The paint started going on last night, so we should have something to show in the next day or so. The biggest problem is coming up with a workspace big enough to put a roof together. Four feet long by two feet wide just doesn’t fit well on the old black and decker workmate:-) As a result it isn’t quite as square as I would like, but I think it should keep the weather out, so no real complaints.

The other big news is that we received confirmation for our bee order. two 3# packages of Russian bees should be arriving in Baltimore in April 16. The vendor that we are working with is an apiary supply store that goes down to the bee breeding yard in Georgia and brings back everyones order. This is a much better set-up than having your bees shipped through the US Post Office. We will just drive over and bring them home from the shop. Jan is already getting nervous about this proposition, but I keep assuring her they won’t get loose in the car. Hope I am right!

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