Can’t believe it is still February

February is almost over. Instead of looking out our window at beautiful snow, or wishing we could go outside without getting half frozen, we have been planting veggies already! In February! So far what we have accomplished is:

Beets (hopefully first of many plantings)
Pull onions and scallions (probably more will be planted)
Carrots – 4 heirloom varieties! (There will be additional plantings as well)

We are hoping to get radishes in today before the rains tomorrow. It will either be that or prepping for planting peas.

We are very hopeful that this strange weather and early planting will lead to some good early crops. The big question is going to be what if we start seeing things ready for harvest before the markets start this year. We will let folks know and likely have produce to sell to Common Market earlier than usual:-) We will keep everyone up to date on how things are progressing!

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