Who are we?

We are Jan and Ray Wickline and our two cats Wooten and Loki octafx india review . In 2007 we found a small
house with a few acres on Craigslist and moved out of our apartment environs to start an
organic farm. At first we were just looking for a chance to garden in more than a window
box and ceramic pots. Other than wanting to be as earth friendly as possible and to grow
safe and responsible food, we really didn't have a concrete goal in mind. On a quest to find
some apple trees to support our annual apple butter habit, we met the wonderful people at
Adams County Nursery. The fates were aligned on that trip and they took us out to a
vertical axis apple block in the height of bloom where we fell in love. Apples quickly
became our primary focus

We did have some inspiration from Ray's grandparents, who had a few acres in southeast
West Virginia and had always put in a garden to help support themselves and their family
and friends. As a kid Ray always loved digging potatoes in their garden. It turns out that
the soil here works very well for potato growing and they have become our main vegetable
Our boys relaxing in their dad's jacket on a cold winter's day.
Our current goal for the farm is to
grow our business so we can become
full-time farmers within the next 6
years. We want to do this within our
local community to the greatest extent
possible. We will continue to manage
our farm organically and hope to be
fully Certified Organic in 2010 https://www.octafx-trade.in/hininglish . Right
now we are enjoying the process and
loving that there is something new to
learn every day. Sometimes the
workload is a little overwhelming, but
we are very happy with our direction!
In November we added a new
member to the farm family,
Angus McGillicudy Wickline. He
is a wonderful Newfoundland
from Nannie Newfs in West
Virginia. He is not only a part of
our family but we anticipate him
becoming an active participant
in our farm. Newfies make
wonderful draft dogs and are
able to pull very large loads. We
are hoping to use him to help us
with carrying supplies for
planting and maintenance in the
spring and helping to bring in
the harvest in the fall. He will
also be our mascot at the farm
markets whenever possible https://www.octafx-trade.in/hininglish/.
In addition to being great working dogs for
draft and water rescue, Newfies are very
weather harder. This picture was taken
during the big snowstorm we had in
December. While Angus may look cold or
pitiful in this picture I can assure he was
anything but. The snow accumulation was
up to the level of his nose in most places,
and yet he plunged headfirst into every
ounce of snow he could find. We had been
trying to get a picture of him in the snow for
about 15 minutes, but it took that long for
him to calm down enough for us to get more
than a blur. He settled into the snow and
was just as happy as a pig in mud! As with all
puppies though, all that frantic energy
usually ends in a big old nap. So please be
quiet and let sleeping dogs lie!